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Prize Rules
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Green Country Hamfest
Claremore, Oklahoma

The BIGGEST and the BEST in Oklahoma!!

Friday and Saturday, April 7th & 8th, 2017
Doors Open: Fri. 4pm to 9pm, and Saturday 8am to 3pm
Icom America Amateur Radio Equipment
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The Green Country Prize Rules

GRAND PRIZES are comprised of the First, Second and Third Prizes.
HOURLY PRIZES are comprised of any other prizes.
  • GRAND Prizes: You need not be present to win, as long as we have sufficient ability to arrange for shipping to the winner, if they or their representative is not present.
  • Hourly Prizes: Your ticket stub must be present to win, and the ticket stub must be presented to the Green Country stage to claim.
    • Ticket number, Name and/or Call will be displayed at the stage.
    • Winning ticket stub holders may claim their prize anytime according to the instructions above until the final hourly prize drawings.
    • Any unclaimed hourly prizes will be given away, starting before the Grand prize drawing on Saturday afternoon.

  • The procedure for the Final Hourly Prize Drawings will be Saturday afternoon
    • A ticket will be drawn.
    • The emcee will announce the number, name, and call on the PA distinctly twice, then say going once, going twice, gone.
    • If no one comes forth to claim it. That ticket will be laid aside, and another will be drawn and the procedure repeated until that prize is given away.
    • Arrangements will be made to let persons participating in the VE testing session both examiners and examinee's know if their ticket is called.

  • Once all the unclaimed Hourly Prizes are given away, the Grand Prize drawings are held.
    • All tickets go back in the hopper. (This way EVERYONE has a chance at the big ones.)
    • The GRAND PRIZES are drawn: Third then Second then First.


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