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Green Country Hamfest
Claremore, Oklahoma

The BIGGEST and the BEST in Oklahoma!!

Friday and Saturday, April 8th & 9th, 2016
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President/Chair - Merlin Griffin     WB5OSM
Secretary - John Harwell     KD5NAQ
Treasurer - Richie Shroff     W5OKL
Media/PR - Mark Conklin     N7XYO
Scholarship - Merlin Griffin     WB5OSM
Forums - Steve Miller     AA5V
Tickets - Richie Shroff     W5OKL
VE Testing - Merlin Griffin     WB5OSM
Vendors - John Harwell     KD5NAQ
Web Site - Steve Miller     AA5V
Web Site - Tom Shelton     K5OHM
Security - Mark Conklin     N7XYO
Outdoor Displays - Dan Woods     W5BM
Logistics/Setup - Tom Hance     K5AMP
  David Pinson     KC5BGF

Green Country Hamfest, Inc.
PO Box 470132
Tulsa, OK 74147-0132

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